Wood chips for smoking food

Our eco wood chips for smoking food are a 100% natural product made of alder and beech wood. The wood used for production comes from forests with proper management in accordance with FSC standards. Wood from ecological Polish areas and the technology we use make the woodchips safe for health and extremely efficient.

Machining and sterilization of wood chips, without the use of chemical compounds, ensures the preparation of healthy food. Quality is confirmed by ISO22000, FSC, ECO and phytosanitary certificates.

We offer wood chips in two sizes:

  • 06 (10/40) - base size 5-7 mm
  • 08 (20/160) - base size 8-12 mm
    • Beech wood chips Z-06

    • Beech wood chips Z-08

    • Alder-beech wood chips Z-06

    • Alder-beech wood chips Z-08