MONROL Sp. z o. o. today

We are one of the world's leaders in production and sales of high quality eco woodchips for smoking food, mainly from alder and beech wood. Our customers are the largest meat, fish, dairy and fruit plants in Poland and 30 countries around the world. We focus on permanent development and innovation. We have implemented the ISO 22000 Management System based on the HACCP principles and PN-EN ISO 9001.

Our motto is Technology inspired by nature. That is why we use wood from well-managed FSC certified forests for production. In the field of environmental management, we operate in accordance with ISO 14001. Our products are 100% natural, without chemical additives and packed in recycled LDPE bags.

Why to choose us?

  • We have 50-year experience
  • Quality confirmed by certificates
  • 100% flavor, high efficiency
  • Natural and environment friendly product, safe for human health
  • We have been trusted by 5 000 customers, the largest companies of meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable sector
  • We sell our wood chips to 30 countries around the world
  • News
    • P.U.P.H. MONROL Sp. z o.o. implements a project co-financed from European Funds.

      The goal of the project is to implement the business model of internationalization P.U.P.H. Monrol Sp. Z o. O. And increasing economic activity on international markets. Project value: 757 307.50 PLN ERDF contribution: PLN 499,999.96

    • 5000 satisfied customers

      We have been trusted by 5 000 customers, the largest companies of meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable sector.

    • MONROL in the forefront of Polish Exporters

      On June 13, during the 16th Program Conference of the Association of Polish Exporters, we have been honored with the badge of "Merit for Export", thus appreciating the contribution of P.U.P.H. MONROL in the development of Polish exports and shaping its image on the international arena. Among those honored were also companies such as: Mlekovita, Mokate. Mlekpol, Ursus.

    • Inspired by nature

      We are starting a promotional campaign for our eco smoking chips. See you soon!

    • XLIX Meat Industry Days

      On May 17, we had the pleasure to participate in the XLIX Meat Industry Days during which the competition "The highest quality products in the meat industry" SPRING 2018 took. You can read more about the event and the competition on the website of the event.

    • Smoke your products in a healthier way with Monrol

      In October 2017 Institute of the Agricultural and Food Biotechnology has tested firewood supplied by our company and the wood of another supplier (in the study named as conventional wood) for the presence of PAH. The research was carried out under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Dolatowski. If you are interested in research results, please contact us directly.